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see how fucked up we are..

It's true. We are all so fucked up right now. I don't wanna think about what's gonna happen next and I don't even know if something is actually going to happen. S is already in Korea I guess,,, D must be having fun in Arizonna, L is going back to her home country with her guy, and here we are left Anyway, I have no idea what we are going to do. L says she might not gonna come back to AUS next year if she couldn't get any offers,,, and if she's not coming back, what am I supposed to do!!!!!!?:(((( By the way E is kinda ignoring me and I don't know why... or maybe there's just something wrong with his computer(?) and for "..." ugh I don't wanna talk about him... It's making me insane...

Anyway, the restaurant owner has just called me and I got the joooooobbb!!:D yay I can finally get out of the house at night without my mother dearest asking me where I'm heading!lol The job starts on Saturday and yeah, for the rest of 2 months, I'm gonna put the fake smile on my face and act like a total idiot!lol The owner said my smile is so great yesterday and today when she called me, she kept saying that,,, haha ya I know, I know how great my smile is! I've just decided to become stupid and happy, so I was just laughing too much during the job interview... Maybe she thinks I'm retarded or high though...
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hey Katie what s up? :)))) umm, like no need to ask coz I know you r in so fucked up siuation right now yeah? :( you okay?
well, what I was surprised most ve lost Japanese nationality thing 国籍??! (゜゜) I heard here we have to choose which nationality you r gonna take untill or when you become 18 or 19 but....:( ummmm anyway I ll catch ya later on facebook or twitter, when we can have more chat and chat and love xo
ohh btw, I started my blog! pls come see it when you have time<3 byee
Karren 2010/12/17 2:03 AM